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"Groove Tube," the two considerations
Release time:2014.05.10 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

First, the classification of a pipe, fittings category within rigid joints flexible joints flexible joints outside the wire connector inside and outside the wire connector wire connector monofilament wire connector threaded connector fitting dual plane trips Renyang any shade of silk yarn swim swim

    A tube member classification

    1, Fittings

    According to Fong noted fittings, valves either rigid joints flexible joints either yin yang silk yarn swim swim tenure flexible joints outside the wire connector inside and outside the wire connector wire connector monofilament wire connector threaded connector fitting dual plane travel and external teeth of any instrument fitting ending Tour fitting a gas meter gauge connector ferrule connector tube sheet joint flare-type connector socket joints welded joints pneumatic quick connector quick connector reducer fittings Hydraulic Quick Coupling Reducing straight tube shock absorbers have the edge connector edge connector reducer has a direct union head flange connector half pipe fittings bundle rotary joint purge fittings pipe repair Compensator Huff festival opening joint joint joint joint burglar smooth flexible rubber joints joints joints exchanger Transmission Joint saddle clamp type connector Greene external connector hose connector fittings sanitary fittings

    2, Elbow class

    Grooved ferrule elbow elbow elbow socket weld elbow Flexing the rubber elbow and outside tooth tooth tooth elbow elbow elbow outer edge of the elbow with elbow Reducing elbow seamless seat belt double socket flange elbow elbow elbow sanitary elbow 45 ° elbow 90 ° elbow 180 ° elbow

    3, three classes

    Tee Reducing Tee Tee Y oblique bottle tee tee tee saddle tee grooved mechanical tee socket weld tee tee tee tooth inner sleeve tee tee Heating dedicated external teeth Wrought seamless tee tee tee tee tee Sanitary Male Tee silencer threaded tee tee tee sailing band edge

    4, four categories

    Are inclined Stone Machinery Stone Stone Stone Reducing Equal stereo Stone Stone Stone flat butt groove Stone Stone Stone seamless threaded socket Stone Stone Stone Sanitary

    5, reducers class

    Concentric reducer eccentric reducer pipe diameter pipe diameter pipe trench sanitary diameter pipe welded spiral beam diameter pipe section within the outer screw thread diameter pipe section beam diameter pipe double order of the high-pressure reducers

    6, flange class

    Grooved Flange flange flat plug welded flange welded flange height and diameter flange cover flange blind flange with neck flange socket welding flange sanitary flange

    7, bending class

    Gauge bridge elbow elbow elbow sharp bend U-bend S-bend

    8, cap class

    Hex cap screw cap tube cap cap for round pipe hat head head head elliptical head cone head no straight edge quick plug plug wire blocking blind boring cover credits cover

    9, pipe fittings

    Bu Shen repair hexagonal rod tube socket card trap

    Second, several issues need to purchase pipe fittings to note

    1. Material issues

   According to Fong fittings understood the material used in many businesses and more informal, usually refers to the nickel content. Although it is possible to distinguish water treatment, but obviously this is a misunderstanding, because only a small charge nickel is more than 7 can not distinguish out. But the price difference between raw material is great,

This is one of the fraud. Especially the 321 high nickel and high-nickel 316 fraud is very serious.

    2 Size matters

    Many customers virtually no testing technical support. For example, 90 degree elbow, routine is R = 1.5D, but look at the Wenzhou market is basically production molds mostly 1.25D, do not write this 0.25D ~ ~ weight material inside, but vary considerably. Also known as factory standard, much shorter than the standard.

    3. Thickness problem

    Of course, now the customers are smart, will go to the amount of thickness with a caliper, although customers sometimes experience a feeling after barely standards, but it ignores the point that the thickness of the back-arc enough!!! Because of elbow pushing the process will be less wall So reluctantly caliber standards, but back then basically solitary failure, experts generally better understanding, 114X3.5 elbow would likely use the 114X4 a thick tube to produce. If that manufacturers purchase thin naturally reduces a lot of wear and tear, but the product will become more than skin deep, surface compliance only.

    4 solution treatment and non-destructive testing and rolling sand blasting

    Many manufacturers are on the market do a hundred percent penetration of solution treatment and non-destructive testing, where there are many alternatives with rolling sand blasting, after eliminating several steps, greatly reducing costs.

    5 welded seamless

    Welding seamless, welded elbow is doing, after pickling polished sandblasting, welding surface without any signs, and even the use of advanced detection equipment can not see it is welded elbow.

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