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Automotive turbocharged engine maintenance tips
Release time:2014.08.04 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

According to Lixin specializing in the production of pipe joint many cars that run on the street today are in the tail added "T" sign, that is the more and more popularwith the turbocharged engine car. Turbocharged the biggest advantage is can not increase in engine emissions, improve engine power and torque. Engine fitted witha turbocharger, the maximum power output and not compared with thesupercharger, can be increased by 40% or more. In addition, the turbocharged engine fuel consumption is lower than the naturally aspirated engine as power output, the advantages of these two aspects to the turbocharged engine favored by more and more, but compared to the naturally aspirated engine, turbo engine is more hypocritical, the work environment and maintenance. Require more demanding, if not the proper use and maintenance, not only can not play a goodturbocharged effect, it will improve the fault turbocharger rate. Here I'll tell us your opinion turbocharged engine in some areas in need of special attention.

Pay attention to cleanliness

To clean the air filter, prevent the dust and other impurities into the high-speedrotating compressor impeller speed, resulting in instability or sleeve and sealsevere wear. Engine oil and filter must be kept clean, prevent the impurities from entering, otherwise the oil lubricating capacity decreased, resulting in prematureturbocharger scrapped. Removing turbocharger, keep clean, each pipe joint must use clean cloth blocked, prevent debris falling into the supercharger, rotor damage.Because the turbocharger often under high temperature operation, the lubricating oil pipeline due to high temperature, the internal oil easy to have part of the coke,which will cause the supercharger bearing lubrication problems and damage.Therefore, the lubricating oil pipeline to be cleaned after running for a period of time.

Not a car go

Engine, especially in the winter, we should let it idle for a period of time, prior to the turbocharger rotor speed for lubricating oil sufficiently lubricated bearing. So, justafter the start don't bombarded the throttle, to prevent damage to the turbocharger oil seal.

Not immediately.

Engine long time high-speed operation, should be idle for 3 to 5 minutes and thenstall. When the engine works, there is a part of the oil supply turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and cooling. A running engine suddenly stops, oil pressure fell rapidly to zero, the high temperature of turbocharger to the middle part of the bearing shell, the heat can not be quickly away, while still in the inertia turbocharger rotor under the effect of rotating speed, therefore, the engine heatstate if suddenly shut down, will cause within the turbocharger residual oiloverheating and damage to the shaft and bearing. Lixin specializing in the production of pipe joints to remind to avoid menghongjijiao throttle abrupt flameout.

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