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Teach you how to understand the selection of spark plug
Release time:2014.10.24 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Ever heard the saying: if the engine is the heart of the car, so the spark plug is the heart of engine. Think about what makes sense, what is small, but the effect is great. As the ignition device of engine, spark plug combustion state in relation tooil-gas mixture, always affects the daily driving vehicle. Then, Lixin professionalpipe joint said how much you know about the spark plug spark plug? Will you choose?

As we all know, the cylinder of the gas mixture even in the high temperature environment is also very difficult to ignite, must resort to "fire" to make the combustion, and "producer of fire" is the spark plug. Between the high voltage is transmitted to the center electrode and the side electrode ignition coil produced,breaking the insulating state between the two electrodes, resulting in current,discharge sparks generated, finally ignite the mixture of oil and gas. However, our topic today is not to discuss the spark plugs are and how they work, so it works with simple. Lixin professional pipe joints have to say today is how to choose the points for attention in selection of spark plug and spark plug.

Electrode materials

Often heard of spark plugs platinum, iridium spark plugs, which appeared inside themetal refers to the actual spark plug electrode material. The common electrodematerial is nickel copper alloy, Ni Mn alloy (original spark plug generally use the two) and some rare metal platinum, iridium etc.. Several materials, iridium melting point showed higher than other types of materials (2454 DEG C), able to withstand higher temperature without electrode melting engine burned, and its hardness(240) than other materials is much higher, which means that the diameter of the central electrode can be made smaller by iridium electrode production the ignition,more focused, more energetic. So now with the conversion of high performancespark plug electrode is generally a lot of iridium material. Iridium spark plug whether in the ignition performance or service life have certain advantages, become a lot offriends replacing spark plugs of choice.

Ignition gap

Ignition gap refers to the minimum distance of the center electrode to the side electrode. A successful ignition is divided into three periods: the period of diffusionand spread of light period, where the diffusion period is the most important period,at this time the formation of flame kernel. Theoretically, ignition gap is bigger, the fire spread of nuclear large space, the formation of flame kernel is bigger also, for the performance of the ignition energy is high, so that oil and gas mixturecombustion more fully, but the ignition voltage ignition more clearance requiredhigher. If the required voltage exceeds the range of output voltage, ignition coilinstead backfire, causing a spark plug fire loss "phenomenon, Lixin professionalpipe joint said at the same time the ignition coil has been in a state of overload operation, lead to the damage of the coil are possible. Therefore in replacing spark plugs to the attention of ignition clearance data reference the original factory, too large or too small will affect ignition gap of spark plug ignition state.

The thermal value of the spark plug

The choice of the main parameters of spark plug. Calorific value is actually a measure of spark plug heat capacity, usually divided into several grades of 1-9, the general will mark on the packing box in the spark plug. Greater numericalrepresentation of spark plug heat dissipation ability stronger (cold type spark plug).Calorific value choice also reference the calorific value of the original car spark plug, high calorific value means that the spark plug heat capacity is too strong, will lead to insufficient cylinder heat, reduce the combustion efficiency of oil and gasmixture, a long time will lead to carbon deposition, affect the efficiency of the spark plug ignition. While the calorific value is too low, a long time in the environment of high temperature of the spark plug because of heat burning due to insufficient ability. Therefore the calorific value of right is critical.

Other parameters

Lixin professional pipe joint said in addition to the above said these parameters,and some detail problems worth attention, such as screw pitch, spark plug threadlength, foreign size etc.. Ignore these will give you a lot of trouble.

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