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Automobile radiator problems to check to know?
Release time:2014.10.29 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

The owner if it is found that the water tank Water Leakage phenomenon appears,can go to repair shop inspection, replacement of the tank, if Water Leakage still exist, Lixin professional pipe joint called the owner should consider:

1 check the water tank cap is securely fastened.

2 test gas is filled into the water tank, the water tank water pressure have a look isleaking out from which position, and then decided to repair scheme.

3 unscrew the lid of engine oil, see there is no traces of the oil emulsion (punch or erosion phenomenon), if there is, open the engine cylinder head gasket replacement.

4 water quality problems.

If the car is in the running process, because the automobile vibration or vehicle accidents, so that the water tank and the water pipe rupture Water Leakage, Lixinprofessional pipe joint said according to the specific situation to take measures:

Hole leaks not exceeding 1mm cracks or 2mm, add a bottle of water tank strengthplugging agent into the water tank, the car started running.

Open the cooling water began to cycle after 5~10 minutes, cooling system whethertank or rubber tube and around the pad, leakage (or antifreeze) office will stopleakage, leakage stopping after need not released, will not affect the heat andclogging.

Lixin professional pipe joint said if no leakage stopping agent to carry on the individual radiating pipe, slight leakage can be temporary, loose tobacco into the water tank, water recycling pressure, make the tobacco jam in the leaks of the radiating pipe, temporary use.

The water tank radiator pipe leakage serious, can be cut from leaking radiator pipeleaks, use soap cotton ball by cut radiating pipe, and then use the pliers to cut theradiating pipe head clamping flat then roll edge pressure can stop the leakage.

The rubber pipe joint leakage, can send a rubber tube joint clip in the rubber pipe joint wrapped around two using a screwdriver, and then tighten with pliers. As a rubber tube damage, rupture available tape wrap, temporary use.

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