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"Tired" the automobile maintenance should pay attention to what
Release time:2014.10.29 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Hot summer has gone away from us, after a summer of baptism, the car also tofatigue period, how to take good care of the car at this time? Then this Lixinprofessional pipe joint for you to point out five factors.

One, pay attention to sterilization

Summer heat, most owners will have to close the window open in the automobile air conditioning as a habit. Thus, the in car air circulation is impeded, air produced by the bacteria will be gathered and accumulated in the compartment, and mildew,unable to discharge. Thus, in the autumn of automobile maintenance,recommended for all health corner cleaning, and ozone sterilization and light touchby sterilization treatment, thorough cleaning. Leather seat contact with sweat, easy to breed bacteria, Lixin professional pipe joint proposal owner will the car sent to the professional store sterilization treatment, if velvet seat cover, as long as the dry cleaning can be.

Two, check the engine nacelle oil, water, electricity

Engine oil, brake oil included in the booster pump oil, gearbox oil etc.. The low frequency of the best car owners can periodically check the oil from the engine is degenerate, so that timely replacement. The water in the water tank, wiper water,antifreeze water substance examination is essential. In addition, also need to pay attention to the waterproof sealing effect and elastic check the plug, the plug toensure waterproof sealing function of normal and the plug contact normal. On the other hand, in order to ensure the safety of vehicles, should be put into contact with joint pull water, processing and rust, rust.

Lixin professional pipe joint tip: this examination is very important, please the majority of owners do not overlook this.

Three, maintenance

Summer and autumn, plenty of sunshine, strong ultraviolet radiation, the car if long time in the sun exposure, body and paint are hurt. In addition, the acid in the raincan also cause damage to the car paint, not in time, the car paint will lose its luster.At the same time, dust, air and road mud and rain together, also easy to stick in thebody, it is easy for the body to become dirty. Therefore, into the fall, the first step ofmaintenance is car polishing wax, for reduction of new car, beautiful appearance.

Tip: rubber body appearance after a shower brush or summer exposure to the sun and rain, will also appear different degree of aging. So, in the maintenance of the body at the same time, also must pay attention to maintenance and replacement of rubber parts.

Four, the chassis rust and tire inspection

Autumn automobile chassis maintenance focus on cleaning and inspection of the two aspects of tire. On the one hand, the chassis of the metal material afterexposure and contact with rain, prone to rusting phenomenon, affecting the traffic safety. Therefore, treatment must be rust on the chassis, the chassis and checkwhether there scratching, screw off phenomenon. In addition, also should be a comprehensive check the brake system, corresponding cleaning, lubricating, rust and other processing on the system performance, ensure the normal.

Lixin professional pipe joint said in addition, tire inspection and replacement work is also very important. After a quarter car, tire wear, there will be leakage, tire pressure reduce problems, at this time, should take it to a professional repair station for detection and maintenance or replacement.

Five, cleaning tank condensation network

Hot summer and more rain, not only the use of air conditioning frequencyincreased, and many with moisture of dust and impurities such as cotton, leaves willaccumulate in the water tank condenser online. This will have an impact on two aspects: one is easy to breed bacteria; two is the influence of water tank and condenser heat dissipation function. To eliminate these effects, as long as they arecompletely clean. Here to remind owners, because the water tank radiator is easy to deform, has certain requirements for cleaning the intensity and angle. Lixinprofessional pipe joint recommendations to the vehicle maintenance shop to find a professional cleaning. If you want to completely remove the bacteria and odor inside the car, it is best to replace air filter for the new car at the end of the summer, increase air conditioning cool, improve the riding comfort.

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