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High speed road traffic note five "taboo"
Release time:2014.10.31 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Running on an expressway "five big taboo", but many drivers especially "novice"often ignore these taboos, causing accident. Lixin professional pipe joints to remind the majority of drivers, vigilant, safe driving.

A bogey: the bus broke down on the highway, suddenly sidelined docked, butparking is not provided with warning signs, passengers get off walk around invehicles.

Prevention skills: if the vehicle can start, to confirm after the car have enough safe distance, and then turn on the lights to pull over, parked on the roadside, open thedouble flash, in 150 meters set up warning signs after the car (triangle reflecting board); all the passengers from the car, to stand outside the guardrail, Lixinprofessional tube joint remind don't stand in the side watching, more can not sit in the car waiting for.

Two avoid: overtaking forget to remind surrounding vehicles, many driversovertaking on the high way and forget to turn on the lights, or just turn on the lightsbegan to overtake.

Prevention skills: Lixin professional pipe joint called before overtaking must look before and after clear, first turn on the lights, continuously honk the horn, when necessary, bright lights sketch; began to overtake to decisively, return roadway tosee rearview mirror, ensure the safety distance keeping vehicles and later.

Three bogey: drive mobile phone calls or talk with eloquence and passengers,leading to distraction, deviation, and speed suddenly slowed down, causing the car rear end collision.

Prevention skills: mobile phone to mute state before the high-speed road; try to avoid speaking to the passengers, to focus on driving.

Four bogey: missed the exit after reversing or brake road signs.

Prevention skills: if a bad joke, do not reverse, should observe the next exit, or to the toll station ask, then back on the road.

Avoid: close to the car, leading to the occurrence of the collision.

Prevention skills: usually 100 kilometers per hour, with the distance is 100 meters.Highway signs have confirmed the distance between vehicles, which can estimatethe distance from the vehicle.

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