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Autumn automobile driving operation essentials should pay attention to what?
Release time:2014.11.06 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Enters the autumn, the temperature gradually decreased, rain, fog, frost gradually,prone to "also spent the autumn" phenomenon in the human body, must pay attention to the traffic safety in autumn.

1, driving safety drive "in autumn"

After entering September, the summer heat is quietly is an invigorating autumn climate is replaced, the cooler weather, sunshine time gradually shortened,changes of the system of the human body is correspondingly occur. According toLixin professional pipe joint informed decreased sweating, increased appetite, the body needs rest stage of physiology sex, energy metabolism needs a relatively constant environment to the human body, compensation summer climate abnormalconsumption, this is the causes of "autumn lack", it is a transitional phenomenon ofinternal and external environment of the body to get balance. Treatment of "autumn lack" on the one hand to strengthen the nutrition, attention to work and rest,causes the body to gain new vitality through rest; on the other hand, to strengthen the exercise as summer goes and winter comes, mitigate the effects of climate on the body, enhance physical fitness.

2, don't look too heavy "interest"

Autumn is the season of tourism, transportation industry, the weather is cool, butthe driver easy time, Dora run psychological, "ten accidents nine quick" carelesscalamity will swoop. Lixin professional pipe joint said in addition, autumn is a good season for tourism, increase to open the bus pull Sihuo phenomenon, this part of people to drive the spirit is nervous, fear, path, cut, race against time, the roaddoes not belong, failing to hurry scurry, afraid of something partial accident. Manysuch lessons around, this site need to pay attention to the driver and vehiclemanager.

3, do not fatigue driving

The driver in the driving process because of its high speed, long time and large noise, position, action monotonous subject to certain restrictions, judge processingexternal information, nervous, prone to fatigue driving, driving people to adapt the vehicle stops, Lixin professional pipe joints need to frequently remind the clutchand brake pedal, super frequent twitch muscle, it is easy to make the sole of the foot pedal occurs from mental fatigue, the driver will appear unresponsive,unconsciousness, and accompanied by inadequate, hands and feet butingshihuansymptoms, bowel is not sensitive to the strong signal thorn, drivers are in a state of numbness waking very dangerous.

Lixin professional pipe joint remind drivers must do the long continuous driving 2 hours to stop and rest, activity following the body, breathing the fresh air. One daythe cumulative driving time to maintain more appropriate in 8 hours or so, in case ofspecial circumstances, also cannot exceed 10 hours, if there are symptoms of fatigue, be sure to stop to rest, to relieve fatigue, sober and then hit the road.

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