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The car if the warm winter
Release time:2014.11.17 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Winter, car maintenance has become the important content of car. However, for the car, how to correct maintenance, a lot of people still don't know. Below, Lixinprofessional pipe joints to resolve how to maintenance of the car in winter.

Timely replacement of lubricating oil

After the climate change, oil viscosity will be changed, generally increased wearparts, so that the engine and other important components are subject to varying degrees of damage, oil lubrication requirements of the car in winter is higher, and the lubricating oil of lubricating oil for winter and summer lubricating oil, lubricating oil should be replaced as soon as possible suggestions in winter. Especially for a long time, the use of the color black, poor adhesion of oil should be replaced, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the engine starting.

Pay attention to check the tire

Lixin professional pipe joints to remind the owner of friends, to the winter tire rubberwill harden and relatively brittle, will reduce the friction coefficient, the tire pressureis not too high, but more can not be too low, the external temperature is low, the tire pressure is too low, the soft tyre serious accelerated aging, and increased tire contact with the ground, will accelerate the friction, reducing tire life.

In winter they often clear inclusions within the tread, try to avoid using up more than once a tire, replace worn out larger and different brands of different tread tyre.Different inside and outside tire wear, in order to ensure the safety and reduce wear, should be regularly to the tire transposition.

Lixin professional pipe joint that besides, the body, the lights darken the light bulbs replaced as soon as possible, but also check the fog lights, brake lights of the situation. Frost in winter and easy fog, low visibility, particularly large number of rear end accident, so the fog lights, brake lights are working properly, but alsoensures the safety of traffic in winter.

Changing engine antifreeze

Need to check the traffic in winter antifreeze, the amount of antifreeze must be appropriate.

Antifreeze engine to replace, especially in mixed (especially over the summer plus water) antifreeze must be replaced.

If the coolant concentration engine cooling water is too low, the engine waterfreezes, causing the vehicle can not start in the morning. Therefore, we need to increase the concentration of antifreeze, the general can be maintained at 70%.Even in the south, also need to increase the concentration of antifreeze, usually add a bottle, this time on the need to add two bottles, can not exceed 50%. So, no matter where, or driving to the frozen north, do not have to worry about the car wouldn't start.

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