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Maintenance to avoid combustible car
Release time:2014.11.18 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

For the old car, one thing more dangerous is the car prone to spontaneous combustion of things, especially in the summer, so how to prevent spontaneous combustion of the automobile, automobile spontaneous combustion should be how to deal with it will not let the car was burned into a pile of scrap metal, professionalpipe joints will introduce Lixin surface.

Regular repair and maintenance

Old car owners in the usual car, also can check the vehicle electrical appliances,car and other related accessories are loose, if it is found that the engine oil, must be timely to the dealership to check. Of course for those old vehicles, insurance against risk of spontaneous combustion and glass insurance also has a certainnecessary, it is worth noting that, due to the relatively high cost, the old ownerstend not to choose the regular 4S shop for automotive repair and maintenance, butLixin professional pipe joint proposal must to technical reliable repair shop,otherwise not standard the operation can also cause potential safety hazard to thecar.

Do not put combustible in the car

Bring the car spontaneous combustion is not necessarily the car itself the problem,there are many bad personal habits caused by car. In daily use, many owners liketo lighter, perfume, air freshener placed in the car. However, these combustibles inthe sun long time irradiation, easy expansion and explosion, which caused the fire.

Try to avoid changing the car line

Modification has become a kind of fashion. Many owners can upgrade for your carwith, sometimes it is hard to avoid to change the car line. The replacement line is one of the major causes of multiple spontaneous combustion, do not regulate the operation of the insurance company may exceed the scope of cover. Therefore,Lixin joint pipe if need professional advice transformation, use as far as possiblewithout the need to change the line of "private car" accessories, if must replace line, remodeled stores must go to professional operation, does not recommend theowners' personal self modified.

The fire extinguisher can not be less

In the annual inspection of motor vehicles, fire extinguisher is required, shows its importance. But there are many owners in the inspection will lend a fool them, did not really pay attention to it. Lixin professional pipe joint called actually fire extinguisher at the crucial moment can play a big role, timely and effective treatment can reduce the loss to a great extent. In addition, the general fire extinguisher for a period of one year, the car is mainly pay attention to checkwhether the gas leakage, dry powder fire extinguisher whether caking. If the fire extinguishers expired, the fire extinguishing effect will be greatly reduced.

Some methods to prevent spontaneous combustion above the car, of course, dailycar maintenance, do not let the automobile parts easy to old words, the carspontaneous combustion that is less, of course, should pay attention to whether there is peculiar smell inside the car is also critical.

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