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Automotive repair and maintenance of three do not remember
Release time:2014.11.18 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

When the maintenance and repair of the car there will inevitably be some errors,usually when the Internet, as much as possible to see this information, and not toremember the maintenance process, can avoid detours. Let your car healthpreservation. Today, Lixin professional pipe joint for three points do not introducemaintenance.

1 don't like wheel bolt and nut oil the wheel repair, a handful of private car ownersin order to prevent the wheel bolt and nut rust, installation will create new styles of bolts and nuts are coated with a lubricant, Lixin professional pipe joint calledhowever this approach not only wrong, but also for traffic safety will bring risks. Boltand nut, having the characteristics of self-locking between. And coated withlubricating oil, the self-locking coefficient between the two variable filial piety self-locking performance. In the car at high speed, very easy to loose bolts and nutsand even fall off, causing traffic accidents.

2 do not wash with water body internal to the summer, common side of private car owners who wash the body of water, the side with the dishcloth, make this letterprofessional pipe joints to remind owners of private cars are: body interior is best not to wash water directly. Because the pad underneath the cab floor can not be "Yimapingchuan, need the structure of the groove, driving below room floor padvias very much. After washing with water, or deposited in the groove is not easy to dry, or rust flow to the gearbox and other parts from the through hole. Especiallygood sealing performance car cannot flush water directly body interior. The correct way is to wipe with a wet cloth, but avoid seeper.

3 EFI car starts not to step on the gas before starting the engine throttle is stepped on several feet, the habit of many drivers, especially in the winter cold starts. Butthis method does not start the car for efi. With the electronic control fuel injectionengine with common carburetor engine is different, its fuel injection control device can automatically adjust the fuel according to the engine temperature, working conditions, make the engine start smoothly, namely in the cold start, fuel injectioncontrol device can automatically increase the fuel supply quantity. So, Lixinprofessional pipe joints to remind the EFI car engine is started, there is no need tostep on the gas, the more don't before starting continuous to hurry on, otherwise itmakes engine start bad.

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