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The vehicle should pay attention to what the maintenance
Release time:2014.11.18 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

A lot of people like rainy days, more like the fresh air after rain, but rain for the caris a test of comparison. Because in the rainy days, the wet weather can cause a lot of water brake fluid cup, and into the brake fluid in. If water enters the brake fluid,high temperature vehicles produced during the braking process will be a large number of water vapor transpiration, the compressibility of gas will cause brake failure even failure. So after a rainy day maintenance vehicles is very necessary.Lixin professional pipe joints have a look of the car after a rainy day curing method.

To timely cleaning vehicles, after the rain

The acid in the rain can cause damage to the car paint, not timely cleaning the car,the car paint is easy to lose luster. Don't wait a few days after the rain to wash the car, to sunny days going to washing, waxing or glazing can effectively protect the car paint, prevent paint fade ageing.

Two, the self check brake fluid damping

The rainy season when wet weather can cause a lot of water glass and into thebrake fluid, brake fluid inside. If water enters the brake fluid, high temperaturevehicles produced during the braking process will be a large number of water vaportranspiration, the compressibility of gas will cause brake failure even failure.

This time, Lixin professional pipe joints to know the owner can through three casesconfirmed the brake system if there is a problem: the brakes need to step on the brakes on very deep, heard a sound, braking distance increased than before, the emergence of one of the three cases, the vehicle will study the science factoryinspection.

Three, after the rain check vehicle circuit

Some cars to the rain, the engine not easy to start, even if reluctantly starts, also feel the engine "strength", this is because the car ignition system circuit or damp.

When the car wading, should be timely inspection, if found to be too wet for ignition system ignition failure, caused by reduced engine performance, with non fibroustissue or textile electrical equipment to dry, and then try to start.

If the engine flameout due to moisture, do not repeatedly start ignition, so as not to damage the engine.

Four, pay attention to the car after the rain dehumidification

Rainy day, the air is humid, Lixin professional pipe joint reminders Cheyou should pay attention to the inside of the car of the bacteria, especially the car cushion,textile and carpet, air outlet sanitary dead angle. Proposals like car perfume car owners in the summer to use neutral, taste Piandan perfume, do not use lemon and other acidic perfume. When it rains, can open the air conditioning cold wind, which can not only remove the fog, and in addition to tidal function. Put a roll of old newspapers in the car, can effectively remove the moisture inside the car.

Five, chassis seals model benefits

After the rain, Lixin professional pipe joints should be cleaned timely remind theautomobile chassis; if the chassis parts of sludge accumulation, easily lead to moisture hiding among the chassis rust. Chassis seals model can make chassis and air, achieve anticorrosive, antirust, the sound insulation function. Chassis seals model generally consists of a professional vehicle maintenance personnel to do the whole process needs 30~40 minutes. Chassis seals model, the effect can bemaintained for 3 months or longer. Need to pay attention to is the chassis seals model, oil removal of the chassis on the adhesion of asphalt, detergent to use special, of obscuration radiating parts on the transmission and exhaust system, so as to play a good protective effect.

Six headlight, fog hidden danger

When it rains, the headlights of the vehicle is easy to water, brightness is affected,the irradiation direction lights changed, may also damage the headlight, bring security risks.

If the headlamps have fog, can open the headlight. 10 minutes after the lights in the mist is beginning to disappear, one hour after whether can disappear completely; if there is fog, it is necessary to the professional after-sales servicestation for processing.

Lixin professional pipe joint summary: if it is a little bit of rain, do not have to worry about what is wrong with the vehicle. But if the continuous rain, or experience after rain, and the vehicle is wading experience, we must carefully check whether the vehicle has a problem, do maintenance preparation.

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