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Automotive air conditioning emissions smell how to deal with?
Release time:2014.11.18 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

In daily life, the air conditioner is essential appliances, but we only in summer andwinter use, the middle of every quarter, after a quarter of baptism, when you use the air conditioning, you'll find out the wind blowing out is smelly, in fact, our car will also encounter this problem when the automobile air conditioner, smell discharging,often let us feel uncomfortable, Lixin professional pipe joints tell we encounter this problem, how should do?

1, we must first with the correct method of air-conditioning

Sometimes the air smell inside very likely with the owner to use air conditioningwhen habits have relations, Lixin pipe joint owners of the best professional advicebefore reaching the destination for 5 minutes to turn off the air conditioner, and then open the natural wind, such doing can let air conditioning pipeline temperature rise in stopping the car, and let it back to normal temperature in the park will not because of temperature difference and condensed water droplets in the air conditioning duct, thus let the drying to air conditioning ducts, blocking the mold and fungus breeding, develop the good habit of.

2, regular cleaning air conditioning

Lixin professional automobile air-conditioning pipe joint was informed that manyowners have peculiar smell in fact with the owners usually not cleaning the car air conditioning has the very big relations, sometimes because the air conditioningpipeline cleaning, sometimes because air conditioning and other parts, if the owners before air conditioning and cleaning pipe of air conditioner filter change,the owner can also view the evaporation box mold or pollutants are not clean, lead to air smell taste.

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