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Li religious you buy second-hand car where most of the check four strokes
Release time:2014.11.25 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

To buy second-hand car people, has always been "not easy to say I love you", one not careful, will be endless troubles home, especially the "heart" of an automobileengine, which determines the vehicle dynamic performance and service life, if there is a problem, then the car is paralyzed, so in the choice of second-hand automobiles, recognition engine quality becomes a vital. The following are someLixin professional pipe joint finishing up on the check engine technique:

Check the engine cover density

Lixin professional pipe joint judgment of second-hand car whether any accidents, to carefully check the engine cover, also need to carefully check and wing density orthe cover plate and the left and right leaf plate gap left is consistent, the cover plate and the headlights engine is uneven crop, the gap between the hood andwindshield are consistent or stay with the original car paint, if the windshield glasson all four sides of the rubber seal is new, that the car windshield had worn away.

Check the engine cover is arranged in the inner side of the traces of paint

The engine compartment is the examination of a second-hand car key, open theengine cover, first check the engine cover inner, look to whether have baked paint traces, if there is a collision plate. Engine room above the beam spot shape place if there is out of round or sizes, may also have suffered a blow. The deformation ofengine cover is very easy to be found, of course, if the engine cover was replacedon the matter.

Check the water tank has no debris floating

Open the tank cover, see if there are crumbs and dirt and other debris floating on the surface. If have, mostly because the oil seeping into the cooling water caused by the. If the powder is corroded, explain the situation more serious corrosioninside the tank. Lixin professional pipe joint remind also check the water tank of the upper and lower two hose is cracked, the tank cover is closed after the close.

Check the engine compartment had no traces of oil spill

Engine oil may be in the engine temperature in summer is too high, long in theenvironment of high temperature, oil seal and rubber pad easy ageing, resulting inreduced resulting in leakage seal. Lixin professional pipe joint said if the fastening screws by thermal expansion and contraction, will twist uneven stress, loose slider,also can appear leakage. The most important point, may be subject to externalbump, bump, internal parts of engines deformation, resulting in engine oil. If thecushion cylinder oil, engine oil will cause a lot of trouble for the future maintenance.

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