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Li religious do it yourself cleaning and maintenance car
Release time:2014.11.28 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

The engine compartment of the health environment has been a headache for people, dust everywhere, rotting leaves, this is because the ventilation cooling needs, can not be completely closed. Lixin professional pipe joint that in most cases, the owners are in the maintenance at the same time, by the way, let therepair personnel will be the engine compartment clean up, but need to pay a certain fee time. In fact, this work can be do it yourself cleaning.

A, for cleaning tools

The 1 appearance of the engine cleaning agent (called the engine cabin cleaning agents or other, foam and mist two) and the engine wire harness nursing agent(engine polishes). These two things, the price is not expensive, in altogether spent 60 yuan to buy a Beijing City auto parts, if will bargain, but also cheaper.

2 a small brush, brush head width is not too big, the more narrow gap engine compartment with a narrow, more convenient.

3 a mask and a pair of gloves. Agents on the human body has certain harm the engine surface cleaning, smells pungent, so it is best to prepare for the two things.

Two, looking for a parking place

Although no water washing after washing, but will still have the sewage flows into the ground, bad for the environment. Lixin professional pipe joints were suggested in the engine before cleaning, stop the vehicle in the outlet place, such as the top of manhole covers, road side of the adjacent cell and sewer.

Three, remove the engine cover

For the engine compartment is beautiful, now many models to design the plastic decoration cover. Many owners of the decoration cover wipe very clean, think this is the care of the engine, in fact, it is just a piece of plastic, covered with the following sludge or wholly intact in there. So you want to thoroughly clean theplastic cover, first of all need to be removed.

The plastic decoration cover are fixed by clips, directly to the uplift can be removedby hand holding the cover edge. But the cover part models will connect to otherlines, such as the old section of the POLO is to design the air filter cover insideplastic decoration, first remove lines for all need to pull down before the.

Four, cleaning oil sludge

Appearance of the engine cleaning agent on. The first is a simple cloth or brushthe dust on the engine compartment, and then you can cleaning agent operation with the appearance of the engine. Li Hui remind, if you just stop, don't spraycleaning agent, wait for about 5 minutes, then clean the engine to cool slightly,otherwise they will be "beats" engine.

Lixin professional pipe joint called first shake the appearance of the enginecleaning agent bottle, until the evenly spray in the engine compartment parts.Spraying distance to 15 cm or more appropriate, try spraying some in uniform,sludge treatment at many places emphasis on. Need to pay attention to is thelaunch part of the parts inside the cabin is avoided with water or cleaning agent,such as a safety box, ignition coil, the generator and the E-CU driving computer,had better do waterproof processing (cover with plastic cloth). These componentscan be individually clean, suggestions will be cleaning agent is sprayed on a piece of cloth and then wipe them, equally effective.

Lixin professional pipe joint remind in addition to the above can not be cleaning the bathroom (cleaning agent) part, other parts cleaning methods are the same, is the principle of cleaning by hand touch can place to try to wash.

Five, a small brush clean

In spray cleaning agent, need to wait for about 5 minutes, let the cleaning agent to"eat" sludge, until completely will they resolve. Then scrub with a small brush, you can clearly see the effect of sludge and open.

Wage gap inside the cabin is more, need patience to brush clean, because afteralso sprayed curing agent (the equivalent of a layer of wax). If you do not wash clean, dirty things sealed inside.

The engine intake manifold with metal, plastic, easy to stick on clay, color is veryugly, but not easy to clean, need to use "cleaning brush". Lixin professional pipe joint referred to in addition, the engine compartment and a pipeline, go oil, thesealso need to wash clean, prevent sludge and other dirt corrosion on them, causing leakage. These with the texture of the pipeline is a tough job, need to slowly clean them. Finally, don't forget to just removed the plastic decoration cover also spraycleaning agent to wash.

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