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Teach you how to view the second-hand car engine
Release time:2014.11.28 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Lixin professional pipe joint teach you simple identification of second-hand carengine room: check

The first step: check engine cover.

Lixin professional pipe joint said first check the appearance layout engine cover,have a look and wing density or engine left is consistent with some gap, the gapbetween the windscreen is consistent. On both sides of the gap is too large,considering the accident changed the front cover or the wing.

The second step: check engine cover.

Check the engine cover inner carefully. Here are always able to find many hidden problems. Open the engine cover, a close look at the inner side, look have bakedpaint. A baked paint traces illustrate the possible collision after repair. In addition,waterproof rubber strip is to determine whether smooth, this car has no injuredbasis.

Step third: check the water tank.

Lixin professional pipe joint is reminded to check the attention to in cold state,otherwise it will be very easy to be spilled water scald. Open the tank cover, to see whether there is powder, oil and other debris floating on the surface of coolingwater. If there is oil floats, mostly because the oil seeping into the cooling watercaused by the.

Step fourth: check the engine compartment and lower part has no pollution andtraces of oil spill.

Oil is that may be the central part of the engine cylinder pad, such as oil, engine oilwill cause a lot of trouble for the future maintenance.

Finally, to distinguish carefully about the sound of the engine.

Lixin professional pipe joint said under normal circumstances, the engine withexhaust sound vibration and mechanical mild and rhythmic. Abnormal sound of theengine usually has two kinds, one kind is the piston knock noise, the symptom is the engine of continuous metal rattle appeared in operation, a sound heavilymuffled, sounds like "Dangdang" sound. Cold engine car, the sound clear, toachieve the temperature noise gradually decreases, may also disappear. Anotheris due to engine wear caused by noise, the throttle open all or engine accelerationtime, will hear the knock.

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