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Set up emergency treatment religious you heating pipe joint leakage
Release time:2014.12.05 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:
To the heating problems, Lixin professional pipe joint said, in the heating period, if the residents found heating pipe joint leakage, heating units shall notify the serviceimmediately, not be privately with wrench or pliers for processing, in the repair personnel to the site before, can do emergency treatment. Lixin professional pipe joint reminded of heating Water Leakage different blocking method is different.Radiator burst: immediately with a thick towel, dishcloth will split up, households had been residents immediately off its own valve, and call a heating unit repairtelephone; vent valve fracture: immediately with a towel will be its gap plugging, let the other person a round of chopsticks immediately find, use chopsticks to Water Leakage office block. Then please dial telephone repair heating units. Havehousehold residents, Lixin professional pipe joint reminds should close the valve as soon as possible; the heating pipe trachoma: towel or cloth wrapped around thetube, and set aside a into the basin, lead the water into the bowl. If the family hasan inner tube of a bicycle can be cut into 1 cm wide, for a period of about 50 cm long, the inner tube bar pulled hard at 3 cm from the sand hole, then a withholdinga button to off of trachoma 3 cm can be, 3-5 days later, trachoma will automaticallyrust.
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