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Ten repair emergency car halfway failure of small coup
Release time:2014.12.09 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

Drive out there will inevitably be some fault. If a fault occurs is running or failure and temporary no spare parts supply and need emergency situation, we have to take some emergency repair method. Lixin professional pipe joint we will introduce some simple and feasible emergency repair method for everyone.

The 1 tank damage: motor vehicles in use, found that the fuel tank leak, leaks can be wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum on the leaks, temporary plugging; using epoxy resin adhesive patch, the effect is better.

2: the breakdown of oil pipeline rupture can be ruptured when wipe clean, coated with soap, cloth or fabric wrapped around the pipe rupture, and tied tight, and then coated with a layer of soap.

3: broken pipe may find a broken pipe and tubing diameter adaptation of therubber or plastic pipe. If the socket is not tight enough, both ends of the bundling,prevent oil leakage.

The 4 head appeared sand hole and oil spill, Water Leakage: according to trachoma size, choose the appropriate size of the electrical fuse, gently hammer to smash his hand into the sand hole, you can eliminate oil leakage, Water Leakage.

5 pipe joints leak: the use of motor vehicle, such as engine oil pipe joint leakage,multiple tubing is not sealed due to trumpet and tubing nut. Available cotton wrapped in a horn lower margin, then the tubing nut and tighten the oil pipe joint;also can chew bubble gum or maltose into a paste, coated tubing nut mouth, until dry coagulation after sealing function.

The 6 inlet and outlet hose rupture, rupture is available, the pipe joint that is coated with a layer of soap cloth wrap leaks; such as rupture of large, ruptured hose can be cut off in the middle of a bamboo or iron, and bundling.

7 fan belt fracture: can be broken belt tied or use to drive off the car.

The 8 screw: screw slide fastener slider will result in leakage or connecting rodloose, so that it can not work. At this time, the original screw with a hammer to beatflat, which both sides expanded fastened again good, but can not be repeated disassembly, repair until the next maintenance.

9 valve spring break: valve spring break, off spring can be taken down, broke the two segment in turn installed, you can use. Can also find a piece of 1 mm thicksheet iron, cut into large diameter than the spring 1 mm wafer, internal cut a hole,the diameter is less than the spring diameter 4 mm, outer edges of every 6 mm was cut into 4 mm long cracks, shear good every piece of folding a sheet, formingdouble spring seat groove, and then the spring loaded into tin groove using a u-turn.

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