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Turbo car winter maintenance
Release time:2014.12.12 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

With the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction and long-term oil prices remain high reality, can satisfy the consumers of low fuel consumptionand high power to pursue the turbocharged models more and more. But for theturbocharged models of maintenance, many owners or in accordance with the oldidea of the original ordinary models, often leads to the turbine life shortened,serious and even had to replace the turbine. Lixin professional pipe joint remindparticularly cold winter, for turbocharger long-term work in the high speed, high temperature condition, winter maintenance right is particularly important.

Because the turbocharger is often in a high speed, working under high temperature, exhaust gas turbocharger end temperature of 600 degrees Celsius,the turbocharger rotor rotates at high speed of 832 ~ 1040r/min, equipped with aturbocharged engine car if there is no proper use and maintenance, the turbocharger failure will rise. Therefore, turbocharged models in terms of daily maintenance, maintenance must be more complex, this no ground for blame. In general, winter maintenance of turbocharger includes mainly the following parts:

Starting and extinction

Start: as with the naturally aspirated models, after the engine starts, Lixinprofessional pipe joint called especially in winter, the temperature is relatively low,should let idle for more than 3 minutes, because the oil is an important medium ofTurbocharged Engine functioning, idle is to before the turbocharger rotor high-speed operation let oil lubrication bearing the oil temperature, improve. Need to pay attention to is, just after the start don't bombarded the throttle, in order to prevent damage to the turbocharger oil seal.

Engine flameout: long time high-speed operation, intense driving, should be idle for 3 minutes in the extinction time. Because in the turbine engine work, a part of the oil supply is specially the turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and cooling. If youare running the engine suddenly shut down after the rapid decline, oil pressure is zero, the turbocharger bearing shell heat does not disperse, will cause theturbocharger internal retention of oil overheating and damage to the shaft and bearing.

As for the definition of the long time and high speed, is not actually what strict punctuality. In general, long time is a high rate of more than 1 hours, a fierce drivejust above 3500 rpm speed operation. But this is not absolute standard, but also to see the actual driving conditions. However, in general, the turbine is also not so fragile, delayed extinction is not always repeat.

As for the independent water cooling system, in fact, this device only plays the auxiliary cooling effect. Independent cooling system even in some of the cars are installed on the engine flameout can still run, but in long time driving or intense driving, better stop wait 1-2 minutes after the flame.

Key parts repair

Lixin professional pipe joint called the main is to ensure that the air filter clean,don't look down on this thing, the turbocharger is therefore abolish many owners. Inremoving turbocharger, must be kept clean, the pipe joint must use clean cloth, to prevent debris into the supercharger, damage to the rotor. Maintenance should be careful not to collision damage if the need to replace the impeller, impeller, should be a dynamic balance test. Re installed, remember to remove all the blockage.

In addition, because the turbocharger often under high temperature operation, itslubricating oil pipeline due to high temperature, the internal oil easy to have part of the coke, which will cause the turbocharger bearing lubrication shortage and damage. Therefore, the lubricating oil pipeline in operation after a period of timealso to be cleaned.

Fuel and oil

Fuel: Lixin professional pipe joint said in general, turbocharged models need toheighten a grade of gasoline, but with the improvement of turbocharger technology,now many T models "mouth is not so Diao", such as the Ford Mondeo 2.0T had to"drink" 93 gasoline as its main selling point. While the Volkswagen 1.4T engine alsoclaimed that can use 93 gasoline. Of course, when refueling or try to choose to go to a regular gas station, do not covet cheap, oil well, the turbocharger and the engine is not good.

Oil: it's nothing to say, according to the maintenance manual on the regulations governing the use of oil viscosity index, choose according to the actual situationaround the car, different temperature, different choice of engine oil. The need toestablish a letter of professional pipe joint is a reminder that the engine oil must bekept clean, oil deterioration in time to replace, otherwise the lubricating ability of oildrop, will increase the maintenance cost, and even cause the turbochargerscrapped.

Lixin professional pipe joint say lastly is the life of turbine. In fact, the turbochargeris not so delicate, maintenance is not as complicated as long as adhere to timely maintenance and develop good driving habits, the normal service life ofturbocharger not less than 200000 kilometers, the actual service life of this andmost of the cars have no too big gap. Therefore, the owners friends need not too wary, but lost the turbocharged models due to driving pleasure.

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