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Winter maintenance strategy of the five pace car
Release time:2014.12.16 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

The car such as people, after the turn of seasons also needs a good self-cultivation.Below, Lixin professional pipe joint share vehicle maintenance and everybody should be divided into four steps.

Automotive air conditioning

First check whether enough refrigerant, between the entrance pipeline and the outlet pipeline through the felt dryer temperature difference to measure, or through the manifold pressure gauge for testing. Secondly, often should clean out the dust outletand the cab and dirt. This not only contributes to the car's appearance, but also forthe occupants of the body healthy. Third, regular inspection of air conditioning systemrefrigerant liquid level height is normal. There are several ways to check the liquid level, but the most common and the most simple method is to use the peephole checkdryer. Fourth, check the compressor belt is good. If the surface of the belt and pulley groove contact side light, air conditioning and started when "creak" noise, illustrate the belt slipping serious should be replaced with a belt and a belt pulley; if loose belts should be adjusted, otherwise easy to bad air conditioning system. Fifth, check the air conditioning hose and pipe joints have traces of oil. If found leaking, should be timely to the repair personnel consulting solutions.

Air cleaner to clean replacement

Cleaning the conventional air conditioning can be once every half a year. Lixinprofessional pipe joints to remind the best choice at the turn of the season, a dustcleaning. The car can be removed, a condenser, its cleaning by high pressure water jets. Because usually when high speed travel, may have been involved in the leaves,insects, simple cleaning, will be more conducive to the car radiator. Cleaning of the air filter is also very necessary. But according to the material that determines cleaning method. If the mesh is desirable, under water to clean, simple, economy. If activated carbon materials, this method is not desirable. In addition, air blower also to dust.

Engine: listen to sound judgment working state

When the car maintenance, not only to look at, but also to listen. Because from the voice, the car will convey its health to the owner. In autumn, the owners can choose tolisten to the voice of the car "in a relatively quiet place". For example, you can choosein the car during a cold start, Lixin professional pipe joint reminder discriminant vehiclepulley, whether there is abnormal sound of engine parts. If a similar metal percussion sound, we must carefully check.

Automobile tire: pay attention to check the tire wear

When the car in the seasonal maintenance, the friends need to pay attention to the detection and maintenance of the tire, Lixin professional pipe joint said summer tyresdue to the high temperature friction and wear will be unlikely to produce crack. The running of the crack will increase. Therefore, the friends in the autumn seasonal maintenance, special attention should be paid to check whether a tire appear chap,careful detection of surface damage, see its have abnormal wear etc. in order to ensure the running safety. At this time, you can through the tire indicator (wear limitposition) or depth gauge, such as vernier caliper method were used to detect the.According to introducing, limit the size of tire groove depth marker is 1.6mm.

Automobile engine oil change garments according to the timely adjustment of oilconcentration

In addition to check the tires, oil change is an important part of vehicle maintenance,due to the effect of the use of vehicles, the environment and some of the materialchanges with time, Lixin professional pipe joints must be checked regularly found timely reminded to avoid big damage or accident. In change garments according to the maintenance, but also special attention to issues about the automobile oilconcentration. Usually the friends of engine oil when choosing, need to transform the problem into account seasonal. Because the oil viscosity changes with temperatureand viscosity becomes higher, winter, summer low viscosity. Therefore, in comparing the hot area and season, try to choose a little higher oil viscosity oil. In thetemperature change, when the weather is cold, you can use a lower viscosity oil.

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