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The loss of large car battery in winter oil regularly check
Release time:2014.12.29 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:

In fact, the engine is not so complicated in the imagination, especially need owners themselves inspection matters, then a few basic things, but if we always pay attention to the view, you can in the future maintenance save a lot of trouble. Lixin professionalpipe joints tell you what is needed to know the common sense and can be solved by yourself.

Oil is the key to ensure engine runs smoothly, although the manufacturersrecommended every 5000 or 10000 kilometers replacement, but frequently check can always understand the engine state, nip in the bud. Check the engine oil to park the vehicle on a level surface, shut down the engine and wait for 5 minutes or more, make the oil filling flow back to the oil pan. Pull out the oil ruler wipe stain, and then plugback dipstick guide hole, pause for a moment and then pull out the view. The oil level is between the upper and lower line fit, if exceed the above lines, easy to cause the oil burning, should release the excess oil; below the reticle will aggravate the engine wear, should add the same gas outlet and the last maintenance of excess oil, new oil should not be so Lixin professional pipe joint proposal left in the 4S shop maintenancediscarded to prepare for possible period of want or need. Add oil to wait a few minutesagain after checking the oil level. Check the oil level and at the same time, also want to pay attention to check the degree of oil pollution, shorten the oil change periodwhen necessary.

Check coolant

How much of the cooling liquid is easy to see, but need to wait after the engine stops running, and completely cooled down (hand touching the top of radiator is not hot).Because the engine is running the coolant level will be somewhat changed, not easy to see accurate. Lixin professional pipe joint said under normal circumstances, the cooling liquid height should be at the highest point and the lowest point between the ruler. If the coolant is still rising, will be repaired immediately; if the coolant leveldropped to the lowest point below, shows that the engine water, will lead to overheating, serious engine damage. Supplemental coolant is best prescribed by themanufacturers of the same brand products, such as not in the special case of an emergency, do not add water. As the cooling liquid dark hair muddy, explain qualitydecline, need to be replaced.

Checking power steering fluid

Power steering fluid also need to regularly check the liquid level, Lixin professionalpipe joint remind especially suspect steering oil leakage, obvious abnormal sound ordoes not work normally need more examination. Winter cold vehicle starting, power steering pump noise may occur in a short time, this is due to the low temperature and the oil liquid becomes sticky caused, belongs to the normal phenomenon, after hot cardisappear. Adding the necessary when using the power steering oil specialized, somerepair factory to save map using the automatic transmission oil (ATF) to replace, can cause permanent damage to the seal, serious when can burn the booster pump, theloss is big!

Check brake fluid

The braking device is very important for the safe driving of vehicle, so need toregularly check the brake fluid level and brake wear degree. Level should be between the brake liquid storage tank side of the "MIN" and "MAX" marking. If the liquid leveladdition of brake fluid in the "MIN" marking the following to the "MAX" position, never excess. If the brake fluid model to join in the braking system is not correct, may cause serious damage to the brake system parts, resulting in brake is not working properly,or even simply do not work. Treatment of brake fluid must be careful not to splash into the eyes, if the brake fluid sprinkled on the body, if not immediately erase will damage the paint.

Check the battery

Although many have adopted the so-called "car battery maintenance free", but some models because of cost considerations are still using the traditional type with "water"battery. The battery has a translucent shell, and the shell marked level upper and lower limit, it can directly check the battery water Is it right? Enough (if not clear can shake the body so that the liquid is easy to observe a little vibration). Battery water components are dilute sulfuric acid, using distilled water can only supplement (note that if not careful skin or clothes stained with lots of battery water rinse). Because thebattery in the each small lattice is not communicated, supplementary battery water toeach water inlet one by one, and be careful not to exceed the upper limit. For "the battery maintenance free" only through the observation window check "upper lash"color is green. Lixin professional pipe joint said no matter what kind of battery, life is about 2 years, if not timely replacement, can only say that is one day to earn a day, ifin the winter, fast "disorderly" battery is very easy to have insufficient power to startthe phenomenon.

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