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How do you maintain a new car chassis?
Release time:2017.06.10 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Plant Browsing number:
Bought a new car owners most think of film, glaze, buy interior, few people would think the chassis protection really experienced owners are aware of "rotten rotten car bottom", they think to see the car used the observation condition good or bad, is a symbol of the most intuitive chassis. Therefore, the car will start from the bottom of love!
The chassis armor is not on the armor on the automobile chassis cover, but the spraying of elastic colloidal materials on the surface of the chassis, to resist the erosion of the outside world.
There are a lot of cars look radiant, while the chassis already rusting, Its loopholes appeared one after another. This is mainly due to the following reasons: the summer surface baking, the usual rainfall invasion, as well as atmospheric moisture, salt, etc., will erode the underbody, leading to premature aging of vehicles. The way of various sand constantly hit the automobile chassis and wheels and other parts of the chassis, inherent anti rust paint and coating factory will soon be destroyed, so that the metal exposed, contact with water after lead to rust.
Chassis ensures the safety of vehicles and owners, once the rust corrosion, the overall structure is often easy to loose, bring security risks, many traffic accidents caused by chassis loosening. Therefore, in the first place, it is essential to make a chassis armor for new cars.
The chassis armor construction process is what? With this question I specially came to the installation site, for every car on the one or two.
First of all, the builders lift the vehicle to about 1.3 meters with an elevator, and remove the four wheel, fender and brake pads. Then continue to lift the vehicle to a person's height and thoroughly clean the bottom of the vehicle. Subsequently, it will be dried, the non spraying parts package, and finally repeated spraying, after its dry, loaded with tires, and completed four rounds of positioning, it is really completed the entire process of chassis armor.
Taizhou Lixin pneumatic tool reminder: because the chassis armor is the construction of the project is very high professional requirements, not only construction technicians have professional qualifications, and the construction of professional tools to complete the construction and construction quality is indispensable, construction process, any link error will directly affect the effect, will directly endanger the traffic safety and the consequences of the life safety of the owner. Therefore, it is important to select a car service shop with a certain size and capacity and licensed by the product to provide standard services.
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