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Characteristics of hydraulic pressure of pipe
Release time:2017.12.21 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Co.,Ltd. Browsing number:

Use high pressure in the pipe fitting technology to reduce number of structural parts, welding a piece together and shorten the time of the goal of reduce weight and reduce the cost, its advantages because of the different of the product is different, compared with the traditional production technology advantages include:

1. Weight loss: compared with turning and honing, the hollow shaft of the hydraulic forming of pipe parts can be reduced by 40%~ 50%, some even 75%; If compared with the stamping welding parts, the hollow structural parts of the hydraulic forming of the car can be reduced by 20%~ 30%.

2. Reduce the number of semi-finished parts: during the process of forming, the workpiece of large and complex 3D geometric shapes such as engine bracket, top cover and door frame can be machined. Compared with the stamping welding parts, the auxiliary frame parts are reduced from 6 to 1. The radiator support parts were reduced from 17 to 10.

3. Reduce mold cost: the hydraulic forming parts of pipe fittings usually require only one set of dies, and the stamping welding parts are welded by multiple stamping parts, so many punching dies are required.

4. Reduce the subsequent mechanical processing and assembly welding volume: take the radiator bracket as an example, the welding point is reduced from 174 to 20, the manufacturing process is reduced from 13 to 6, and the production efficiency is increased by 66%.

5. Improve strength, rigidity and fatigue strength: the liquid has a cooling effect during the forming process, so that the workpiece is "strengthened by cold", and the workpiece strength is higher than that of the general stamping process. Take the radiator bracket as an example, the vertical direction is increased by 39%. The horizontal direction increases by 50%.

6. Reduce the cost of production: Schuler Hydroforming company analyzes the products that have been applied and the hydraulic forming parts of the pipe are reduced by 15%~20% on average and 20%~30% of the cost of die.

7. Innovation: overcome the traditional process limitation and apply to new product design and development.

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