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What should the rubber tube assembly pay attention to when it is used?
Release time:2018.05.11 News source:Taizhou Lixin Pneumatic Tool Co.,Ltd. Browsing number:

The rubber tube assembly should be paid attention to in the use and Design: the length of the hose assembly should take into account the shrinkage deformation of the general shrinkage length after the hose is put into pressure oil. Therefore, when the hose assembly is installed, it is not allowed to be in a tight state; the bending radius of the hose should not be too small, and generally it should not be less than the specified value.

The hose should avoid contacting and rubbing with the sharp corners of the machine so as to avoid damage to the pipe, and there should be a straight part of the connection between the hose assembly and the pipe joint. The hose assembly should be ensured that there is no torsion deformation during installation. The joint axis of the rubber hose should be placed in the plane of movement as far as possible so as to avoid damage to the hose when the two ends move together.

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